Why hide a beautiful thing? Wine speaks to all your senses, not least to the eye. So why then tuck away a beautiful bottle of deepest red with a label that probably has been designed by a well known artist? Show your wine - let friends and customers admire this piece of art!

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Vineyard in oak

Vineyard in birch Vineyard in oak Vineyard in birch Vineyard in oak, detail


Vineyard is as beautiful and balanced as functional, available in oak or birch. You can show as much as six different wines on one rack. The rack itself is a yard (hence the name). Designed with the aesthetic in mind and fully in wood for environmental sake.

The set is treated with cold-pressed linseed-oil in order to bring out the natural veining, lustre and beauty of the material.

Vineyard – Oak or Birch – product information:
L 920 x W 95 x H 25 (mm) L 36" x W3,7" x H 1" (inches)

Price per item: 135 €, 115 £, 150 $

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Vineyard is pattern-protected and a TM to Pack&Rack.